Thursday, February 21, 2013

Biotin and Psoriasis Again

Last year I wrote about how I started taking biotin, a member of the B-vitamin group, to help my fingernails and found that it helped my hair and skin as well.  I had developed little painful, crusty spots on my elbows which I thought were psoriasis.  Not long after I started taking biotin the spots disappeared, leaving little scars.  

Now I’m sure it works, at least for me.  Recently I went on a trip and didn’t bring quite enough biotin with me.  I was only off it for 3-4 days but when I got back the painful, crusty spots were reappearing on my elbows.  I went right back to the biotin and the spots dried up.  I’m concerned about psoriasis not only because it is painful and unsightly but also because it seems to be linked with heart disease, which runs in my family.  So maybe by doing something good for my skin I’m also helping my heart.  I wish someone would research all this so we could understand it better.  Medical websites say that biotin deficiencies are rare; I suspect that this is because testing for biotin deficiencies is rarely done.


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