Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Truth About Spot Reducing

“It’s impossible to spot reduce; you can’t lose fat from your stomach by doing sit-ups or crunches.”  Kinesiologists have been saying this with great assurance for years.  The second part of the statement is true but the first part, fortunately, is false.  When I started rollerblading in 2001 I lost 4 inches off each of my thighs within the first few months.  I know what I lost was really fat because I have body fat measurements for various body parts going back decades. 

I think of body fat as an arrow pointing to parts of the body where there are either weak muscles or inflammation or both.  In order to reduce body fat in a specific area you have to work the underlying muscles hard, using a complex exercise like rollerblading that works different parts of the muscle group or a combination of exercises like the 11-move Ab Ripper X.  You also have to do the exercise often enough.  After a month of doing Ab Ripper X three times a week (only fifteen minutes per time) I definitely saw results.  Now my husband’s doing it too!

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